Other than the many villas, wineries and castles in Tuscany – most of which require catering for the wedding dinner – there are an array of choices of restaurants in the cities and country towns that are ideal for a reception.

Many couples choose this option if they do not want to pay a rental fee for a venue and if they do not require exclusive use of the venue. If your party is intimate, restaurants can give you a special room or terrace for your group.

Restaurant food and service in Tuscany is undoubtedly a fantastic choice when you are seeking quality and a wide range of menu choices.

We can suggest historical restaurants in the centre of Florence or Siena for a real Italian feel to your evening or you can choose a restaurant terrace in a country town to enjoy the views while dining “al fresco”.

Original Tuscan Wedding does not limit itself to big receptions in castles for 100’s of guests, many of our nicest weddings are for the couple who are eloping or for small groups of 15-40 who want an intimate celebration following the wedding ceremony.

fun tuscan restaurant


Good food, excellent wines and great fun!

Celebrate your wedding in an historical restaurants in the centre of Florence or Siena for a real Italian feel.


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