Symbolic Cerimonies


Many couples opt also to have their civil wedding at home and then make their wedding a symbolic one… A Tuscany Symbolic celebration… with a layman celebrant. This is an option that eliminates the stress of legalities in Italy.

The ceremonies are still very heart-felt as it is the moment you exchange rings, vows and where your wedding clothes in front of guests or for each other if you elope!

Elizabeth has officiated symbolic and commitment ceremonies for 10 years. We have contacts for other celebrants as well.

Symbolic ceremonies can be held at almost any venue you choose other than a consecrated church. Ceremonies can be personalized with music, readings and vows of your choice. 

Lucy & Pierre chose to celebrate a symbolic ceremony on the terrace of Villa di Maiano

A perfect wedding celebration, in a class venue, for a fantastic couple!


We are happy to put together a ceremony that best reflects your feelings and personalities.

Write to us describing what you like and we will give you suggestions and venue ideas.


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