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Steps to booking and creating your Bespoke Ceremony

1. Inquiries

You can fill out our form or contact us at [email protected] to see if your wedding date is available.

Once you know the day is free, we can set up a video chat or an in-person meeting to see if OTW is a good fit for your vision.

2. Meeting

From the moment you make that first call, I will be able to answer your questions and talk options with you and see if you like what you hear. At that point, I’ll ask for a deposit, book your date, then set up another meeting to chat about your ideas and ours.

We can see you at your chosen venue, if that’s best for you, or we can make a site inspection later.

3. Ceremony Drafting

I’ll work with your ideas to create a unique draft ceremony that you can review and edit, as desired. If  you’d like to have a rehearsal, we can also arrange for that.

At every stage, we’ll work closely with your venue representatives. We’re only a phone call or email away any time you want to get in touch – right up to the big day!

4. The Big Day

I will arrive one hour before the ceremony to do a sound check and liaise with the musicians, the venue representatives, and key vendors for the ceremony.  I can assist with seating, setting out Orders of Service and cueing music.  

Then, you get married! 


I firmly believe that every wedding will create its own unique memories and a new form of happiness and love.

I can’t wait to play my part on your special day!